January 18th, 2020

Managing Your Invites

Digital RSVP Support
Digital RSVP Support Specialist

You have all your invites loaded into the system (If not read here!), your invites printed with access codes and sent to all your guests. Now what?

Hopefully, a majority of your invited guests are computer savvy enough to visit your newly created custom wedding website and rsvp there. For those less technologically inclined guests, we have made it a breeze to update their rsvp status through the admin function.

When you have a guest emailing you, calling you or sending rsvp cards in the mail – eek! Find the guest’s name in either the dashboard or invites table by searching their name like in the example below:

As you can see in the image above, the table has automatically filtered based on the name typed into the search area. You are then able to click the Manage button which takes you to the details of that particular guest invite.

Updating the RSVP Status

Once in the invite details page, scroll down to find the rsvp details section (shown below).

There are two fields that need to be updated; RSVP Status and Meal Choice. If you don’t know the meal choice this can be left as No Response, but realize that will cause inaccurate numbers when you give the final counts to your caterer.

After making your selections, submit the info by clicking the blue Update Info button located at the top of the section in the black bar (on a desktop) or at the bottom of the section (on a mobile device).

Updating a Party RSVP

If your guest is a party invite (more than 1 person on the same invite) there will be an additional section at the bottom of the invite details. This section will look so:

Each member of the guest party must have their rsvp status updated. This is critical in order for accurate calculation of the numbers on the dashboard and the exports of system information. For each party guest click Manage and update their rsvp status and meal choice in the same way as you did for the main guest.

Adding a Plus One

If you enabled a Plus One as an option for your guest, you will need to fill in additional data when manually updating the guest’s status. The additional fields are the first name, last name and meal choice of the Plus One. These extra fields will look like:

Make sure to update these extra fields before submitting the updates.

This will all become second nature after you do the first couple. If you are having any issues with manually updating a guest rsvp status feel free to contact support directly and we will be able to help with your unique situation.

Sending Reminders

There will always be those guests that seem to forget to rsvp for your wedding. Digital RSVP has got your back in keeping your wedding front of mind for those guests. There are two options for reminding them that can be utilized from the invite details page.

Email Reminder

If you entered an email for the guest when you added them you will see a box on the side (if on desktop) or towards the bottom (if on a mobile device) that looks similar to:

When you click the send reminder button you will get a pop-up on your screen that shows what the email will look like plus have some text boxes for you to fill in. These text boxes include the greeting (Hi, Hey, Yo! ect..) and the content of the email. See the example below:

Fill in the two boxes and click send email in the top left corner and your reminder will be sent. One thing to keep in mind about reminder emails is that only one reminder email can be sent per invite so make sure you time the reminder to get the most impact. If you have guests that need more regular reminders utilize the SMS text message reminder below.

SMS Message Reminder

Almost everyone has a phone in their hand at all times these days. Digital RSVP is putting this to good use by giving you the functionality to send a reminder text message to your guest. In order to use this you must have a phone number added to the invite. Once you add the phone number refresh the page and you will see the reminder box on the side (if on desktop or below (on a mobile device) and it will look like this:

Click the blue send reminder button and a pop-up will appear where you can enter the text message. You are limited to 100 characters as there is extra info added to your text including your wedding website url and the unique access code your invited guests needs to access the site.

You can use this reminder technique as many times as needed.

Feel free to contact support if you have any questions or need us to look into anything with your account!